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Over the years, we have developed an extensive understanding of both food and environmental sensitivities.  Many people suffer with poor health or allergies, but eating a healthy diet of clean food, using natural skin and hair products, and using cleaning products without harsh chemicals can help a lot.

Here is a bit of the history of the owner of Heather’s Healthy Harvest, in her own words:

"I’ve had many challenges with allergies all my life.  I’ve had eczema since I was a baby and my parents used to give me oatmeal baths to stop the itching.  As a child I had hayfever and was allergic to fur and feathers.  My Mom tells a story of me coming home one day with a huge white cat in my arms and I told Mom that the cat followed me home and asked if I could keep her!  Within a few minutes of getting home, my eyes had swollen up and I couldn’t breathe.  I practically lived on Dimetapp pills and, back then, there was only adult formula, so I would take ¼ of a tablet and sleep all day afterwards.  Not a great solution, but there weren’t many options then.


During the last four years that I lived in New Brunswick, I developed Colitis and my food choices narrowed down to baby food in the end.  My friends used to joke that there was no point in giving me any treats because I’d just get rid of them in a few minutes anyway, so it was a waste of food!  It sounded funny, but the agony of food ripping through my intestines wasn’t very amusing.


I moved back home in 2004 and my Mom started feeding me whole foods, cooked from scratch, like she always had, and within six months of being home, the Colitis had stopped!


Throughout all of those years, eczema plagued me, to the point where I would take a pot-scrubber to my legs to try to get rid of the itchiness!  I tried every kind of eczema cream and allergy pill, both prescription and over-the counter types and nothing worked.  I lived on Benadryl and spent my time in a fog, but it worked better than anything else did.  I knew it wasn’t a good solution and there must be a better way.


In November 2012, I opened Heather’s Healthy Harvest and brought in local foods, organically grown produce and organic soaps and skincare.  I started eating only the food I brought into my store and using only the skincare that I sell and I haven’t had eczema in almost five years!  I never developed Colitis again either. 


Now I know, from personal experience, that what you eat and what you put on your skin makes all the difference in the world!  We’re all different and we all have some type of health issue and I will always do my best to try to help you with yours."


Heather Shaw